Strippers are doing it for themselves

Strippers are making their own money with OnlyFans

Since the lockdown hit and the strip clubs closed, opened, closed, had screens and sanitizer dispensers put in and everyone masked up looking like a belly dancer or a burglar, many of us have had to get creative in order to feed ourselves, our children, and pay our bills to keep a roof over our heads.

Sites such as the sexual subs/fanbase/cam girl platforms (dare I say it; OnlyFans) have been a life-saver for some and for others, a far too different game where a following of pretty much celeb proportions (where celebs have also been the biggest winners), professional photography and constant internet connection are not always attainable.

It’s been a rocky road for some sworkers, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Many dancers have seen the opportunity to band together and form their own online game, with zoom stripping events and more.

The collectives

Strippers have always been portrayed in various BS ways in films, as we know, but what actually defines us is our camaraderie. We’re here for each other. And that couldn’t be more obvious in the fantastic collective that is Cybertease.

Cybertease is what they term as “A virtual strip club by unionised workers,” and features around eight dancers in a bi-monthly strip show, that punters can buy tickets to a zoom link to watch.

The online strip show has been going for several months and the friendly collective is all encompassing. No limit to age (but of course over 18!), sex orientation, gender, backgrounds and abilities. And despite the group being based in the UK all nationalties from across the globe are welcome.

Basically it’s a safe and warm place for strippers – something we’re not used to – as it’s strippers looking out for strippers, and anyone can join and start earning. They’re always hiring!

There’s many more in the US as well such as the online Cyber Clown Girls Show, catering to the needs of horny people at home.

The club sites

Naturally many strip clubs have sussed onto the fact that they have a following (clients), that they have the strippers and the demand is high as well, and have therefore gone online with their own live shows and events.

This of course has its many advantages for the workers and is a great way to also promote your own fanbase pages and possibly your own zoom shows that you may put on as a group or individual.

But remember you will be paying a fee and you won’t, just like at the club, have any rights or that much say.

Use it therefore solely to your advantage and don’t rely only on it.

Outside opportunites

When the pandemic first hit a friend sent me a news story of how some strip clubs in the US had decided to have “Drive thru strips,” which as funny as it may sound, is actually another good idea. Especially if you live in a hot climate.

Outside strip shows and events would of course be fairly limiting as clients want to get up close and personal, and if they can’t (aka being online) they wanna see it all as closely as possible.

However, there are ways around this and with them being in cars opening up a strip-car wash is not beyond the realms of possibilities and comprehension. Rubbing your wet naked tits on a car screen (obviously wash the screen first), and wearing some tight denim shorts or a thong that may give you a yeast infection later isn’t the worst way to make cash.

Do it as a collective; in the day; somewhere private (strip club car lot); take cash first; 10 min wash with two girls rubbing and hosing; charge £80 -100 each time. You get the idea.

Fundamentally, it’s about thinking creatively and smartly with news ideas to get around this new way of working to make the money, and to safeguard us sworkers in the industry.

Investing ourselves

What many might not be considering is the future of online sexual content. Yes, it will continue to a degree, but of course clubs will open again and punters will return in full eagerness.

It could well be, as some are predicting, a very hedonistic era ahead of us as we recover from this global pandemic and people start living their highest high life due the extreme repression and lack of previous freedom.

Thus it might be time to start thinking not only of your online presence, but also of your real life presence, as ultimately right now is the ideal point for anyone to invest in clubs or businesses (whatever you can) and even possibly buy out any strip clubs. Many are in trouble and will therefore be offering the best deals or prices to get assistance or a quick sell.

Make us, the very strippers, the share holders, the backers and the owner’s.

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