Safety always comes first

Safety for all women is paramount. Those in conditions where men think they can take advantage does not diminish the need for safety.

Being in the swork game or as an influencer in the public eye on platforms such as OnlyFans, comes with its drawbacks; stalkers, trolls, creeps, inappropriates and the out and out scary.

And what with the current climate, #notallmenbutallwomen #saraheverard #justiceforblessing, it has highlighted, yet again, what we always knew – keep the harassers at bay and protect yourself!

Some of these harassers (if not all of them) ironically pay for your content. It is therefore a very thin line that can be trodden. This is NOT because of you or what you do, but simply by glimpsing into the mind of these harassers, shows us the entitlement they seem to think they hold over sworkers, models and influencers, for providing them with a service that they desire.

Below are a few tips that will hopefully help, and spark your own ideas of safety in these situations.

Online safety

Where possible never use your own name. Some may rely on it for their fanbase, but unless you are a well-known figure I would suggest keeping it fake.

Never show your location or anything that could give it away. With images this is easier to control, but also be mindful when videoing. It might be easy to forget what is in the background. Or if using zoom, change your name before the meeting.

If corresponding with messages, text or email, create a new separate email address and insta, twitter etc account for this agenda. Possibly even a second/business phone if necessary. Never give away personal accounts or numbers as you could well receive things you really don’t want to be bombarded with on a phone your 4 year old looks at.

If sending items such as used panties, never include your return addess. Use tracked postal services so that: a) you know it has arrived and/or; b) you can get your money back if it doesn’t get to its destination.

Be very careful with your payment details. If possible set up a PayPal account that can be paid into using your general/business email address. Afterall, this is a business that you will make money from.

Stripper safety

As strip clubs start opening again across the globe and here in the UK, remember to always think about where you park – before and after your shift. The amount of times I got harassed before even going in… Ideally park as close as you possibly can. Some clubs provide parking lots and security/cameras, but this is more an American phenomenon.

Remind clients, which I’m sure you always have to do anyway, that the cameras are watching.

If accepting drinks get it straight from the bar staff yourself or go behind the bar and get it, letting the bar staff know who’s paying.

Don’t use your real name and don’t give any personal details away – not only do they not want to hear that you’re 6 months pregnant, married with 2 kids, have mild constipation and can’t stand wearing heels, but they can use these such surprising personal details to stalk you.

With mobile/cell numbers use the old “It’s against club policy” line. And if you do use a phone to reel them in, get yourself a burner.

Stuff your money away somewhere safe – in your shoe if necessary and walk with all the other girls at the end of the shift. Watch as each of you get in your cars. Then lock the doors.

If there are too many creeps hanging around outside, let security know. They can do their job too.

Naked cleaning safety

At the moment I am sure cleaning services in general are affected with one thing or another (did I mention Covid-19?), but naked cleaning for women might be very worrying.

Every naked cleaning company in the UK has full details of the client that hires the naked cleaner and ensures that if you do not message or call the company you work for within 15 minutes of your shift finishing they will call the police. The client is also made aware of a safety/security system for the naked cleaner(s), but not the details.

It is also advisable, despite being naked, to try to have your phone as close to you as you can.

Obviously these factors may still not be reassuring enough, which is understandable. Therefore companies insist that if you feel in anyway creeped out or uncomfortable, you should leave straight away.

General safety

Carry some safety precaution items such as mini hairspray to spray in the face, rape alarm or the classic keys in hand (held so that the key comes out of the bottom of your fist, not through your fingers – attackers come from behind generally and keys held inbetween fingers could hurt you more).

More than likely you’ll only need one of these items as realistically you will want to hold this item in your hand whilst walking (there will be no time to take it out of your handbag).

And finally, let’s keep teaching our sons, with real speak, to be a better generation of men.

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