Use social engagement platforms to sell on OF and alternatives to Onlyfans

Use social media to sell content

Some believe making money from sexual content and fetishes (such as feet pictures Instagram and selling old underwear) has become anyone’s game, which to some extent it has…in terms of how you look.

What actually does matter, and will reflect on whether you make money or not, is your social media game and how well you use your social engagement platforms.

Everyone wants to sell content and make money creating content. Content creation job has become the number search in google. It should be easy, right? The question is how to make money from content?

What people fail to recognise is the need to be constantly promoting and marketing yourself on as many social engagement platforms as possible. Giving a teaser, if you like, of what goods you have on offer, to then reveal to your clients what you want to on these platforms and the alternatives to Onlyfans.

There is literally a market for everything and all niches with so many alternatives to Onlyfans, even dedicated sub-sites such as InkedGirl, for, well, tattooed girls and JustForFans, focussing on the LGBTQ+ side and men selling underwear on Pants 2 Order.

It doesn’t matter if you have a stomach that has its own pouch, interesting bits that hang out of your doodah and drooping boobs (like myself), there are people willing and WANTING to pay for anything and everything.

It doesn’t matter what your thing is, there’s something for everyone on social platforms

Get yourself seen – make money from content creation!

The pandemic has made social media and the digital world our go to. Our only source of pleasure for a long time. People have been on social media previously (obviously from when it existed), don’t get me wrong, but never more so during this time.

It has become imperative, therefore, for everyone to get onboard the runaway social media train and these social engagement platforms if they have wanted to socialise as well as work.

Joining the two together seems obvious. Making money out of being popular, being sexy, being downright naughty or whatever, is there for the taking, so why not take it?

But you have to get yourself seen and stand out from the crowd as there are many that want to make money creating content. There is an abundance of resources online where you can get pictures of feet ideas and selling underwear online tips and so much more.

It’s all about being creative and understanding that confidence is the sexiest thing of all. Showing this on social media is the best way to make money from it.

Use social engagement platforms to your advantage

Social media and social networking sites are like a bloodline:

  • They show your existence;
  • They highlight your skills/assets;
  • The platforms make you look oh so pretty;
  • They help you to reach the right audiences;
  • They reach new potential customers;
  • They create sales and more business.

And you can do all of this at the click of a button on your phone or computer. It is one of the most accessible forms of advertising and marketing possible, despite even lockdowns.

For many subscription sites too, they will only take you on when you already have a certain number of followers on Instagram. Take those teasing pictures following the guidelines, put them up and tell people where to go to find more.

Use trending hashtags, the best hashtags to sell feet pictures, relevant hashtags, and different ones whenever possible. Follow what you would consider to be your right audience as well as groups/companies. This will help to gain you more followers. 

Being quirky and standing out from the crowd doesn’t hurt! Try all sorts to see what fits for you and makes you that cash

Try the alternatives to OnlyFans

You want to make money, so having multiple sources of income is always a good idea. Therefore don’t limit yourself to one site such as the inundated and over-saturated OnlyFans, there is a plethora of options out there.

All the sexual fan page sites, feet, and used underwear sites are listed on, but to give you a brief lowdown, they are many and varied and there are some that are not for everyone.

A selection of the fan page sites want, what they consider to be, high-class /influencer/model style of content – OnlyFans, Glow, Alua and MYM Fans – and there are those that deal with the more hardcore, such as RevealMe and House of Fetish, or there’s the friendlier, more all encompassing sites such as PocketStars and Frisk Chat.

Basically there’s something for everyone; take a look here for the different sexualised fan pages sites, feet images sites and used clothing sites.

Sign up to a few and see which ones work best for you. You don’t have to stay on them all and can come off a few and try some others if they don’t seem right. It’s good to have options, but also don’t overwhelm yourself with too many at once.

When you start making that cash, think about creating your own web page or landing site to drive traffic to your business – you!

The platforms you already know about

Instagram is the most obvious go-to – and for a good reason. It is the most used social platform, in regards to image, out there. And naturally here we are, after all, selling an image. On the downside Instagram can therefore also be very inundated with millions of similar accounts.

Make sure you take some good images (ring light always helps) and start following and liking those that are interested in buying content, whatever that may be in regards to what you’re selling.

A good way to find these people, other than hashtag searches, which can sometimes be tedious, is to follow all the companies, be that feet, used underwear or sexual fan page sites, that are relevant to the content you are selling and look at their followers. There listed is literally a plethora of clients waiting to be snapped up.

Do exactly the same on Twitter, with the same username, and you will see orders flooding in. A great way to put all of your social pages together is through Linktree, which can take buyers to your fan pages on OnlyFans or Sofia Gray or wherever else.

Snapchat is perfect for current clients – sending them targeted reminders to get them to buy again and show them what they need a little of.

Also, let’s not forget to use different forms of social media to make your pages stand out – TikTok being an excellent example of this. TikTok has the ability to blow accounts up very quickly, but you have to put the effort into making content that really engages.

Or if you have knowledge to impart, a YouTube channel will get you a lot of traction, followers and more money!

Why wait – sell content now

There has never been a better time to get onboard this train.

Porn sites have taken a tumble and been dethroned; called out and highlighted for some of their very sketchy, unethical practices. But at the same time, everyone has been mainly stuck at home and repressed from real sexual contact – they are desperate for some kind of stimulation and release.

Which is why so many are turning to these content sites instead, where the person on display is their own boss and content creator. Consent in content is sexy!

Being in charge of that content and what you want to put out is the most empowering part. And making money doesn’t feel too bad either.

Furthermore, sexual-internet content is no longer just for nerds, it’s for the many. And the only way to get seen by the many is on your social media pages.

So, how to make money from content

There are so many ways and options now to make money from drumming up business on these social engagement platforms. Selling sexual content specifically is big business.

Use these platforms in all ways to your advantage if this is what you want to do, and once you’ve got a following, that you maintain and grow with your social media, tap into the alternatives to OnlyFans that have been created (from best app for feet pictures to men selling underwear) so that you can promote yourself further.

Social media is the vital ingredient and means to engage audiences, letting them know you have feet pictures for sale Craigslist or you’re selling old underwear and literally any other content (literally anything) that you want to sell in order to make money.

The tools are there for anyone to use, and if you use them to your advantage, you will make a lot of monaaayyyy!

So get that social page pumping, even if it’s just shots of your feet, your shoes, your used tights…anything goes and there’s someone out there that just wants a peek.

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