Make money from content

Making money from platforms such as OnlyFans is harder than you think

Making a lot of money from content, with the likes of OnlyFans, is, as we all well know from the many sensational tabloid media headings like “Busty, Blonde Brenda making a bundle by selling pictures of her bunions” – very doable in this day and age.

But what you’re not told from these sensational headings is that its hard graft – just like any job. Okay maybe not as hard as say, a coal miner working a 6 am – 6 pm shift, but you get the gist.

You get what you put in from this, as there is a massive demand for buying sexual content online (whatever that may be), due to the many frustrated men (and women) out there.

But what exactly do you put in? And where the hell do you start?

Treat it like a business

The more you separate your content that you sell from your personal life, generally, the better. Obviously, the exceptions here are the reality celebs, celebs, Z listers, models, and influencers. They have no choice in this, but therefore have a lot less freedom because of it.

Most of us will have day-to-day lives, bills, and responsibilities. So think about what you want to achieve as a businesswoman (or man) in this industry. You are working for yourself, which means you are your own boss, but also your own taxwoman, marketeer, etc.

Write down your equipment needs (lighting [essential], good computer/phone) and budget. Think about how much you will charge and for what; what are your limits or no limits?

Register as self-employed, it’s actually not as scary as you think and once you’ve done your first self-assessment you won’t look back.

Create separate business accounts for all your social media, PayPal, and email addresses (but keep the same business/fake name across all boards to help your fans find you). Set up means for tipping or gifting (there are many ways now other than just Patreon such as Cash App) on your pages.

It helps to sit down and write a business plan. Start with your strengths and weaknesses (great tits, bad feet) and research model poses, or think of quirky ideas (it helps when you’re running out of steam) and the best places to post.

Site research

This leads us to a very important factor in selling content online; choosing the right site and area of what you want to sell. You are a newbie on each platform until you aren’t.

Maybe you want to remain as anonymous in this industry as you can and selling pictures of your feet and selling your old smelly knickers, without ever including your face, is all you want to do thank you very much.

There are sites out there for you. Some feet and used underwear sites will encourage you to show your face and even insist that’s the only way you’ll make money, but that’s not the case, and there are sites that cater (thus buyers) to these requirements.

Maybe you’re an all-out-there gal, loving the fetish, loving the hardcore – and there are certainly the sites (thus buyers) for you too.

There are specialty sites for men, LGBTQ+ communities/buyers, ethical sites, and diversely inclusive ones – all the good. And also the bad, with some sites that have been racially offensive that you’ll want to steer well clear of.

Or, like many, you just want to take some slightly naughty pictures, again there are plenty of options for you too (thus buyers).

The main thing is to go on a site that you know already caters to your limits, or your no limits and character, as otherwise, it’s like trying to sell a dildo on a Christian bookstore website – you’re not selling your wares to the right market and no-one’s gonna buy.

And you don’t have to limit yourself to just one site – try a few out, until it fits on like Cinderella’s slipper. There’s no harm in having lots of options working for you.

Remember you can also create a free page on many of these sites at first to test the waters so to speak and to also show buyers what they could get their dirty little eyes on.


Like all good businesses, you need to get your name and brand out there – get your following and adoring fanbase.

As mentioned, you may well already have amassed this on your insta and can easily transfer this over to your OnlyFans. But not all of us can be influencers and celebs.

Get your insta and Twitter going and post consistently with teasers. Post consistently on the site(s) that you’re selling through too; sometimes they have feature girls on these sites – ask to be one / how to be one. If they offer marketing (which some do) get them to post on their insta and Twitter about you too.

Think of fresh ideas to get these new posts and content. You could do a competition; whoever sends me the biggest dick pic gets 2 mins of me playing with my tits. Rate the dick comp; watch me live cleaning this car and get all soapy; how would you play with my clit – best entry sees me rub it, etc, etc, you get the idea.

Use as many means of social media, while linking back to the pages that you sell content through, that you can without getting blocked (TikTok, youtube, snapchat). Remember less is best as you don’t wanna give it away for free anyways.

Forums are another free and perfect platform to market yourself. Reddit and Quora make it easy to sign up and enter the naughty side of forums.

Methods of reeling in new clients include free trials or freebies, collabs with other models, shoutouts, and of course having a niche.

It will surprise you just how much of a salesperson you have to be. You should listen to feedback and messages as well to see what your clients want as it’s easier to keep clients than find new ones.

Don’t take any BS

But don’t let these regulars take advantage just because they “know you”, you can always get more subs.

Likewise, learn the nature of the sites you sell on to use them to your advantage – remember this will take time as will earning money. Once you do this you can play them at their own game and make them work for you.

You can also create your own site to promote yourself and create an area to do live streaming using these other sites first, in order to get the initial traffic/buyers there.

If fees change on these sites, question it! And always be clear with clients/buyers as to what they can or can’t get and how it’s always “cash first, fanny later.”

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