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The ethical and honest directory hub for cam girls, content makers, chat hostesses, feet pic sellers, naked cleaners, sugar babies, and panty sellers.

At Need Attention has been created as a reference platform for those that wish to find alternative work of a sexual nature, with the advantage of being your own boss and working online or from home.

More women are taking back the power in the sex industry, which was built off their backs. From those at the top who own these sites; the influencers creating their businesses and brand; through to the every day, be it students, mums or office workers, that are acquiring paying followers by selling what they want to put out.

Content and fan sites, such as the very well-known OnlyFans, have become one of the easiest and most empowering ways to be your own boss and create whatever content that suits you. Many women have been able to use these platforms to their advantage, as well as the old school cam girl sites.

Specialist sites identifying foot fetishes and panty selling have also seen an increase where sellers can make extra cash flow, whilst other means of making money, such as naked cleaning has taken off swiftly and can result in regular work.

More chat sites than ever have been created and always need hostesses due to the growing demand of horny, lonely men. This can be extended with ‘relationships’ or meet ups with sugar daddy’s if you wish (be very careful with this please!).

That being said not all of these sites were built with your financial, safety and mental wellbeing in mind. Equality and rights can be on thin ice and scammers and abusive clients can be rife.

That is why At Need Attention brings you:

The honest directory of

“Why work for others when we can work for ourselves? Why fill other people’s pockets, when we can fill our own?”